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Political Science Major

Law, public policy and more

Plan to go to law school? Interested in getting your master’s in public policy or master’s in public administration? A major in political science might be perfect for you.

Want to pursue a career or graduate study in international relations or security studies? Add a global studies minor to your political science degree.

If you’re interested in graduate study or a career in environmental policy, consider adding either a major in biology or environmental science.

If you plan to pursue graduate study or a career in criminal justice or public safety, add the crime and justice minor in the sociology department.

Required Courses Meet the Faculty

What can you do with your political science degree?

Like many BC graduates, you might enter graduate schools such as:

  • Catholic University (International Studies)
  • Clemson University (History)
  • The George Washington University (International Development and Business)
  • James Madison University (History)
  • Indiana University (Hispanic Literature)
  • Northwestern University (Politics/International Relations)
  • University of Chicago (Middle Eastern Studies)
  • University of Delaware (Public History)
  • University of Pittsburgh (Security and Intelligence Studies)
  • University of Richmond (Law School)
  • University of South Carolina (Public History)
  • Virginia Tech (Public Administration and Women’s Studies)
  • West Virginia University (Doctoral History Program)

Or pursue a career in:

  • Government Services
  • International Organizations
  • Law
  • Museum and Archival Work
  • Religion
  • Secondary and Higher Education

Learn more about employment and advancement in the field of political science from the American Political Science Association.