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For Faculty & Staff

The Center for Career Development supports Bridgewater College students as they prepare for a successful transition from college to the next phase of their professional growth. In addition, we help students understand (and communicate to employers) how their liberal arts education has prepared them for their future. 

Professor speaking with student with book open on the table in front of them

Professor helping students as they both look at a laptop

How BC Faculty and Staff Can Help Students: 

Encourage students to make appointments with Center for Career Development staff:

  • One-on-one career coaching
  • Assistance in deciding on a major 
  • Support in creating a four-year career action plan 
  • Resume and cover letter reviews 
  • Interview preparation 

Promote our online Events Calendar and upcoming career fairs, networking opportunities, and other CCD events (and encourage students to attend): 

  • Individualized appointments (see above) 
  • Career and grad school fairs 
  • Professional development workshops and networking opportunities 
Professor sitting down and speaking with students

Choosing A Major:

Students often turn to their professors and faculty advisors for advice. Here are some resources that will assist students in connecting their personal interests with their professional goals:

Internships, Jobs, and Study Abroad Experiences 

  • Recommend that students participate in opportunities such as summer internships, jobs, and study abroad to enhance their marketability.
  • Encourage students to create a profile on Handshake to access events and the OCS calendar, and to find job and internship opportunities.
  • Remind students to have their resume and cover letter reviewed before applying to jobs or internships. Here are some resources that will help students to develop and format their professional documents: Career Development Resource Library.
  • Share information you receive about internships and job opportunities with CCD and we will include it in our biweekly email newsletter to BC students, Career Connections.

Career-Readiness in the Classroom 

  • Don’t cancel class! Invite CCD staff to facilitate a career services program tailored to your class. Contact our office to learn more and schedule a presentation.
  • Contact the Center for Career Development if you are interested in having an employer speak to your class.
  • Review NACE Competencies for Career Readiness, the skills students need to be successful professionals.
  • Invite us to your departmental meetings to share information about industry trends in your disciplines.
Sample Class Assignment
  1. Review the NACE competencies, have students inventory their career readiness skills, and develop the story of how they were attained and how they will be of benefit to the student toward career development. 
  2. Have your students reflect on these skills as a group and discuss how they can attain and improve these skills through campus engagement, part-time jobs, internships, and other experiential learning. 
  3. Continue group discussion regarding a student’s unique skill sets and how they will talk about them in interviews for jobs, internships, and graduate school. 

CCD Events and Networking Opportunities: 

  • Create opportunities for your students to receive extra credit for attending Center for Career Development events that give them insight into how what they are doing in class helps them prepare for their future. 
  • Promote our online Events Calendar and upcoming career fairs, networking opportunities, and other CCD events (and encourage students to attend) 

Student Employment for Supervisors: