Bridgewater Seniors Seek Entrepreneurial Projects for Real-world Experience

|two students write on post-it notes|two students writing on post-it notes ||

Bridgewater College seniors seek to use their knowledge to assist businesses and nonprofits by analyzing the firms, assess their needs, make plans of action and then implement the plans.

If you own a small business and you need help with some projects, Bridgewater College seniors might be able to lend a hand. Thirty seniors in an entrepreneurship course want to form working partnerships with six small businesses or nonprofits in Harrisonburg-Rockingham and Augusta counties for the spring 2019 semester.

Their goal: to help these businesses with marketing plans, consumer research, feasibility studies for new products or services, and logo and publication development, among others. In order to participate, small businesses and nonprofits should present projects that are entrepreneurially oriented, are designed to fit the students’ capabilities, can be completed over a three-month period and have enough substance to merit course credit.

“Students will use their knowledge in all business topics to analyze the firms, assess their needs, make plans of action and then implement the plans,” said Dr. Maria V. Lugo, associate professor of economics and business administration and a faculty adviser for the project.

Businesses or nonprofits that are interested in taking advantage of Bridgewater’s Entrepreneurship Service-Learning Project should contact Lugo by email at or by telephone at 540-828-5418. The deadline for submitting project ideas is December 7, 2018.