Student Parking Registration

If you plan to bring your vehicle with you to Bridgewater, it must be registered with a valid parking permit. The parking permit fee for both residential and commuter students is $140 and is automatically billed to your account. All students must register their vehicles (or waive parking privileges) online by August 12, 2016. A late fee of $20 will be assessed if the registration is not completed on time.

Steps for Registration

  • Starting July 1, please visit the online registration site to register your vehicle.
  • Select the type of permit for which you are eligible. Residential students should select a “Freshman,” “Upperclass,” or “Honor House” permit type. Commuter students should select the “Commuter” permit type. Permit types will be confirmed by Campus Police.
  • Log in using your BC username and password and fill out the required information.
  • Submit your registration and print your permit receipt.

Obtaining Parking Decals

If you are a resident student, you may obtain your parking decal from your area coordinator between August 21 and 28. Upperclass commuter students may get their permits at the Campus Police and Safety office between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. New commuter students may get their permits at the Kline Campus Center on registration day.

You’ll need your printed permit receipt to pick up your parking decal.

Credit for Not Parking on Campus

If you do not plan to bring a vehicle to campus, please select the “Opt Out” permit type on the online registration form. Your account will be credited.

Parking permit refunds are not issued after September 11 for the fall semester. If you registered for parking only for the spring semester, you have until February 12 to request a refund for the parking permit. Students who attend only the fall semester may be reimbursed $65 upon surrendering their parking permit to Campus Police at the end of the semester.

Parking Decal Placement

All permits should be affixed to the bottom left corner (driver’s side) of the rear window.

Parking Fines

Bridgewater’s Campus Police and Safety Department monitors all campus parking lots and the streets running adjacent to campus. You will be ticketed for violations to campus parking rules.

If you do not purchase a parking permit for your vehicle, you will face a fine of $100. Additional parking fines may be given for other parking violations on campus. Parking fines not paid within 30 days will assess a $15 late fee.

Campus Parking Rules  

We want your vehicle to be as safe as possible on campus, while also respecting the rights of others and citizens of the Town of Bridgewater. Upon acceptance of admission to Bridgewater, you’ll receive a packet of information that will include a detailed list of campus parking rules. You are responsible for knowing and obeying campus parking policies. Students are required to park on campus, rather than on public streets in the Town of Bridgewater, with limited exceptions for commuter students. All parking spaces on campus are located within a reasonable distance from classroom buildings and student residence halls.

In accepting a campus parking permit, you agree to comply with the following rules:

  1. Display a decal for the current academic year on the outside left (driver’s side) rear window.
  2. Upperclass resident students may park only in the lots designated for resident parking, outside the following buildings: Geisert Hall, Heritage Hall, Wakeman Hall, Daleville Hall, Dillon Hall, the Carter Center (between the center island and Wright Hall only), designated areas behind the Kline Campus Center (KCC) and the McKinney Center. Upperclass resident parking also is available in a small lot on Third Street, across from Carter Center.
  3. Freshmen may park only in the lots behind Geisert Hall, Dillon Hall, the McKinney Center or the KCC (but not in spaces adjacent to these buildings).
  4. No student parking is permitted in any faculty/staff lot at any time. Vehicles parked in these lots without a faculty/staff decal will be towed.
  5. Commuter student parking is available in the parking lot behind the KCC, behind the McKinney Center and in a designated commuter parking lot located on East College Street, west of Flory Hall.
  6. Parking is prohibited on all public streets, with limited exceptions for commuter students. Parking is not allowed on East College Street east of the Boitnott House. Resident and Honor House students may not park on East College Street.
  7. Resident students may not park in lots specifically designated for commuters.
  8. Students may not park along yellow curb areas located on campus and/or the surrounding streets; in residential areas within the Town of Bridgewater; or in parking spaces marked with white or red curbs. Students may not park in the parking lot between Memorial and Yount halls.
  9. All parking fines should be paid at the Finance Office, located in Flory Hall, within 30 days of receiving the violation. An additional late fee will be assessed after 30 days.
  10. Parking permits may be revoked for students who have received an excessive amount of parking tickets.
  11. Parking permits may not be transferred to other vehicles.
  12. Vehicles will be towed immediately if parked on any grassy areas on campus, in front of any dumpster or loading docks, along any yellow curb and fire lane areas—particularly those marked with red curbs. Resident student vehicles also may not park in areas designated for commuter students, faculty or staff. Violations of this policy are subject to towing.
  13. Parking is not permitted on any sidewalk or walkway.
  14. Parking is not permitted alongside any lane.
  15. Overnight parking is not permitted in the faculty/staff lot next to Cole Hall.
  16. Unregistered or illegally parked vehicles are subject to towing at the owner’s expense. Repeat violations will result in loss of parking privileges. Vehicles will be towed for failure to pay fines and will not be authorized for release until all parking fines have been paid to the Finance Office located in Flory Hall.
  17. All parking ticket appeals must be made in person at the Office of the Chief of Campus Police within seven (7) days of being issued. You must have the original ticket to present at the time of appeal.
  18. Students who need to park a vehicle on campus temporarily (a week or less) may obtain a temporary parking pass from the Office of Campus Police and Safety. These passes are available only for students who paid for a parking permit but have a legitimate reason to temporarily use a different vehicle on campus. These passes are free.
    To obtain a student temporary parking permit after business hours, call ext. 5609, 24 hours a day. Guest parking passes may be obtained from an Area Coordinator.
  19. Replacement parking decals will only be issued upon receipt of the original decal. Pro-rated fees will be charged for lost decals.

Questions? Contact Us!

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